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Willkommen zum wxTLG Projekt.
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Benvenuto al progetto del wxTLG.
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Boa vinda ao projeto do wxTLG.

Dear Classical-Greek enthusiast:

The wxTLG is an open-source project whose purpose is to develop a "free" software application. The application is being designed to access, search, view, export, and print the texts contained on The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG®) 'E' CD.

The application is being developed with the wxWindows framework so that it can be easily compiled and distributed on multiple operating system platforms.

The project source code and information can be found at the wxTLG project page at

At present, the software has only been compiled and tested on Microsoft Windows(TM), but various *nix and Apple MacIntosh(TM) versions are expected in the near future. (The more developers and testers that volunteer, the sooner everyone can enjoy the software.)

Because wxTLG is "free software" (as defined within the GPL), the program and its source code are freely available to everyone.

Donations (secure server) of any type would be greatly appreciated, though not required.
Currently, the major needs are:

  • an Apple MacIntosh computer capable of running Mac OS X
        (or someone who has one and is willing to do testing)
  • any other C++ developers willing to contribute coding/debugging time
  • and of course ... money
  • Disclaimer: The software and operating systems mentioned here are registered trademarks of their respective owners and no affiliation or relationship with wxTLG is to be inferred.

    Thank you for your interest in wxTLG!

    Best regards,
    Brian Perkins
    wxTLG Project Manager

    Note about email: Messages from unknown senders having subject lines containing empty or vague text will automatically be marked as spam and deleted. Please enter something like "wxTLG donations" into the subject line if you want to guarantee that your message will be read. Thanks!

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